CryptoWendyO and Hotep Jesus Have Partnered with LetsGo.Finance!

Bryan Sharpe (Hotep Jesus) and Wendy O have partnered with LetsGo.Finance. They will act as advisors, helping to bring their networks and communities to the platform.

LetsGo.Finance has already launched, with a platform that allows for Social DeFi, Social Tokens, Social NFTs, Fundraising for charities and artists and more — with innovations never done before in the crypto space — most notably with their split-yield paywall system.

Wendy O has established herself as one of the leading voices in the crypto space, appearing on NBC News, Forbes, Fox Business, Washington Post and more. Wendy has recently become the first influencer announced for Bitboy Crypto’s Hit Network — the largest crypto following on the internet. She’s joining LetsGo.Finance because she sees it as an innovative way to raise money for charities and artists.

Hotep Jesus has also joined. He leads Hotep Nation, a community and brand that has been developed over the past several years. He has made appearances on Joe Rogan, Fox News and everywhere in-between. His ability to build communities and brands in a unique way makes him an invaluable asset to LetsGo.Finance. He particularly wants to get involved in the Social token network — which aims to bring together micro-communities and economies.

While they come to LetsGo as separate entities, Hotep and Wendy host a weekly stream together where they discuss many topics, including relationships, business, pop culture and more.

Let’s Go!!!!



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